Surf’s Up in La Union

Located in the Ilocos region, La Union has made a big splash in the local and international surfing community and is one of the favorite surfing sites in the country. Excellent surf breaks are found in San Juan, Urbiztondo Beach, Bacnotan, Monaliza Point, Carille and Darigayos, among others. Surfing season is from July to October and November to February, when the waves are bigger and more consistent. A good place to learn surfing is the San Juan Surf Resort. The range of surf sites, availability of resorts, and the warm people make La Union an ideal weekend getaway for novice and experienced surfers.

Perhaps you’d rather slow down and do some sightseeing. La Union is also known for its Botanical Garden—a sprawling ten-hectare facility that features a variety of gardens, flora and fauna. Another good tourist attraction is the Ma-Cho Temple, a beautiful Taoist temple located on a hill.

For those interested in hiking and trekking, there’s Arosip Ecotrail, which reveals several waterfalls, the Bolikewkew rice terraces, and Lon-oy Springs, which boasts of natural springs, deep waterfalls and clear waters.

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